Jzelynn’s is flying high

Jzelynn’s is flying high – NST ( 24th Sept, 2010)

Jzelynn often leaves the audience spellbound with her vocal range
Singer Jzelynn is following the success of her debut album last year with another one, writes K. HARINDERAN
BIG things come in small packages. This aptly describes Penang-born singer Janice Zelynn whose dynamic and soulful voice has a great vocal range of three octaves. Her tone quality, phrasing and intonation puts her in good standing. She also has a strong sense of resilience and iron will to make it in the music industry. The former beauty queen, actress, fitness ambassador and environmentalist has overcome many obstacles in her quest to become a popular singer. She released her debut album Percaya last year. The album, released in digital format, was produced by her independent recording label Cloverleaf Records in collaboration with Bimbit.com. It hit music stores across Southeast Asia in July last year. The album features trilingual tracks with three songs in Malay, two in English and one in Chinese. Percaya took the “Best Digital Album” at the Voize Independent Music Awards 2010 and was endorsed by the Malaysia Book of Records as Malaysia’s “First Locally Produced Trilingual Digital Album”, among others. It was produced using plastic instead of a compact disc. Buyers will receive a scratch card with a series of numbers to enable them to download the album legally from Bimbit.com’s music portal. The album has been marked a ‘green album’ for its minimum use of plastic. Her next album entitled This is Me is set to follow in the tracks of Percaya which will be released next month. The eight-track trilingual album will feature six songs in English, one in Mandarin and one in Malay. “Percaya was a dream come true for me. Its success spurred me to come up with This Is Me,” says 29-year-old Janice, who is popularly known as Jzelynn. “I wanted to create an album that caters to all races and express what 1Malaysia means to me. It was born out of love, change and hope,” she says. Jezlynn attributes the album to the people around her who had inspired and challenged her. This Is Me was a personal project for Jzelynn, who composed the songs. “A lot of time was spent on the album as there was a lot of collaboration involved in some of the songs. “One of the tracks features various artiste friends of mine. I am also thankful that I had the backing of an amazing pool of musicians, sound engineers and sound directors who have spent countless hours perfecting each and every song in the new album.” Among the songs, Cinta Hati stands out as it deals with the reality of love and relationships — something which relates to everyone. Singing was a childhood passion. Jzelynn recalled being ridiculed by family members who said she sounded like a frog. But this only spurred her on. Many changed their tune when she won third place at the Yamaha singing competition at 13. Her big break came at 17 when she became one of the finalists of the TV3 singing competition Sinaran and was offered a recording contract. Sadly, the album never materialised. “The recording company felt it was too risky to have a Chinese singer cutting a Malay or English album. They were afraid the album might not sell,” says Jzelynn. Jzelynn was heartbroken. She then decided to return to Penang and forget about her dream of becoming a singer. She completed her degree in Mass Communications and settled for a nine-to-five job. Three years ago, when she was having fun singing at a local karaoke, she was approached with a recording deal. It did not take long for Jzelynn to restart her singing career. Aside from music, Jezlynn has also made her mark as the brand ambassador of Reebok, Baptain Salon and Tripo-X.