VIMA 2010 Best Digital Album

VIMA 2010 Best Digital Album: Jzelynn Simmons – Voize (16th Jan,2010)

Jzelynn’s “Percaya” album won Best Digital Album for the VIMA 2010 and we truly felt that we believed her concept to go digital for the sake of being environmentally friendly have certainly paid off. Here’s what Jzelynn has to say about her shocking win:

1.So tell us, did you expect to win Best Digital Album this year and who were you up against?

To be honest, I didn’t expect to win the Best Digital Album award as competition will always be stiff in our industry. As such, I am truly thankful to all my fans and supporters for believing in me. This award will spur me on to give back more to everyone.

2.   Tell us about this Digital Album of yours called “Percaya” (why is the album called “Percaya” and the whole history of the decision for this album to go digital). Percaya as we all know means Believe. To me it was more of an album which signifies my desire and belief in my ability to be successful in singing. This album symbolises my belief in myself that if I really put my heart and soul into something, it WILL become a reality! The decision to go digital was mainly to not only tag along with modernisation of the industry but more so to contribute our part towards the environment. By going digital-download instead of the traditional CD, we are doing our little bit in healing Mother Nature. It is also worthwhile to note that one of the songs in the album is about the environment and it is called ‘Change’! (winks)

3.   What have you been up to lately? I am currently working on my second album and studio recording has started! I am really excited For my upcoming album…so do stay tuned!

Jzelynn 01

4.  What are you looking forwards to at the VIMA 2010? I’m really looking forward to meeting up with fellow recording artistes and just catching up with All my friends there. We have all been so busy concentrating on our careers so VIMA 2010 will really Be a time when we can all let our hairs down and just let loose!

5.   Will you be keen to participate in the AVIMA 2010? Oh most definitely!

6.  So…tell us how “Indiecent” will you get at the VIMA 2010? Just wait and see! (winks)

7.   What advice would you give to other musicians on why they should go digital with their album   if you had the chance to do so? We cannot run away from the fact that CD sales are declining. The music scene and music stores are moving from traditional brick and mortal onto the World Wide Web. Therefore, I suggest my fellow musicians to market their music on digital format as well. By doing so, we are keeping the production cost down while doing our bid for the environment too – by using minimum plastic footprint while selling our music without using CD, Crystal Casings etc. Some might still have doubts in moving entirely away from the brick and mortal mode – but there is always the ‘digital album’ to bridge that divide. This way, the album will still available in stores (at a much lower cost – since there are no CDs and CD casings to deal with) and buyers will still get something tangible in return. My digital album for example, was done using minimal plastic and only retails at RM15.90! So I truly encourage my fellow musicians to go digital by collaborating with partners like Bimbit.com

Jzelynn 02